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this post is gonna be really short since there's not really much to explain lol

i'm going back to school in a few days, i think on the 17th, so that's gonna suck. atleast it's online school tho

bcs of this, progress on the site and my other projects will most likely slow down. right, that's all for now lol

hey there, today i wanted to discuss the way i act socially. idk if it's social anxiety or not, and i'm not gonna self-diagnose myself, so that's why i put a (?) in the post title

anyway, i feel like socially, i'm pretty awkward. i also always worry about things. i keep thinkin' people might make fun of the things i say, the way i type, and therefore i don't really talk much online (or irl either for that matter)

i think this all started because when i was younger, i kept getting called annoying online (since i was really annoying back then lol) and in turn that made me more closed off. back in 2013 i used to post alot on the roblox forums when they were still open, and people always bashed the hell out of me everytime i posted something (then again my posts never made any sense)

also, another thing i do is try to fit in, basically not acting like myself. sometimes i'll try to type how other people do, and adopt a similar sense of humor sometimes (i think i've stopped doing this for the most part?)

well, i feel like that's all there is to say. i don't really know if i explained it well, but i hope you get the jist. anyway, that's that

decided to start a sorta series of posts on this blog, discussing some tech i found interesting that would be cool to see if it was further developed.
this won't be a constant thing, infact each post in this series will probably be posted way far apart from each other, so who knows when pt. 2 will come (btw, you can click on the headers in this post to see an example of what the original concept was)
anyway, i think it's time to discuss what tech should've been further developed

slot 1 CPUs
i feel like these could've ended up being a more compact way of having 2 CPUs on a board at once if they were further developed. (even though that wasn't their intention at all, that's just my idea for further development)
while there are motherboards that support 2 CPUs at once, i think doing in a slot 1 (or just a card/cartridge) form would be a more compact way of doing that. then again, now that i think about it, it sounds more like just an adapter more than it's own slot/socket. either way, i think it could be a cool idea

locomotives powered by steam turbines
i think it would be interesting to see how efficient steam turbine locomotives could get if they were more further developed. they were already apparently more efficient than conventional steam locos. also, these turbine-powered locomotives also were more mechanically simple, so there's apparently potential in higher reliability
however, these had some disadvantages, like efficiency was only obtained at high-load and while being processed through a condenser, and they also couldn't reverse. (unless a reversing turbine was onboard)
don't really know how they could improve the turbine design so the disadvantages would be less damaging to the idea, but maybe they could split one single turbine into a few smaller ones, i'm not really sure. but it'd sure be cool to see them further developed

caprotti valve gear/making steam engines more efficient
caprotti valve gear was the last steam loco revolution in britain before all steam traffic ended in august 1968. caprotti valve gear made the running of conventional steam locos more efficient, so it would've been interesting to see how much more efficient steam engines got if the caprotti valve gear was further developed, as well as just steam engines being further developed in general

well i think that's it! damn, that was a long one
sorry for geeking out btw haha

heyo! so recently i've been trying to improve my sleep schedule. ironically, that's just ended up making my sleep schedule worse

usually i'd be going to bed around 4/4:30am and then waking up around 2/2:30pm, which is pretty shit, but now i'm going to bed around 5/6/7am and not waking up until 3pm. what the fuck happened? maybe it's bcs my mind is still racing even when i'm trying to sleep? (yea i think it is)

hopefully i can fix this whole sleep schedule thing. anyway, that's about it. this was a pretty short post lol

welcome to my blog! so, i feel like the main reason i wanted to do this is to improve myself, bcs i feel like if i look back at my blog posts, i'll be like "hey, maybe i should improve that part of me."
of course, i have no clue if this'll work, but whatever. i'll also use it to just talk about other stuff that's on my mind

anyway, since i want to try the improvement strategy, i'm gonna talk about my motivation/work ethic/whatever
i feel like my work ethic is really bad, and i feel like it may be because i'm just bored of doing the same thing over and over
i've been making roblox models for about 2+ years now, and my motivation has been really low for a while now

when i tried a new building style, my motivation went up again but it didn't last long, so maybe i should try new things and see if my motivation goes back up
maybe i could take a break from making trains, make something else, then when i get bored of that, go back to making trains and see if my motivation is back

don't know if it'll work, but it's worth a shot. either way, i have one other option that i might try soon
hopefully this whole blog thing will help me improve. dunno if it'll work, but again, hope it does!